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Did you ever think that inhaling salt particles could be therapeutic and beneficial to your body’s overall health?

Halotherapy, also known as dry salt therapy, is a safe and natural regimen which treats certain health conditions by the inhalation of salty air particles.

Halotherapy can be highly beneficial for an individual’s overall wellness by removing toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin, and boosting the body’s immune system.

Heavenly Salt Therapy proudly provides our clients with the most relaxing halotherapy treatment in our peaceful Salt Rooms.

In just 45 minutes, halotherapy may enhance your lung capacity, boost your immune system, reduce overall stress, and ultimately aid better sleep for your body.

Embrace halotherapy through Heavenly Salt Therapy’s Salt Rooms and reap the benefits of everything that halotherapy has to offer.

What is Halotherapy

The origins of halotherapy date back to the medieval era, it was observed that most people that worked in mines had a lot of respiratory issues, however those that worked in salt mines, had very few.

Halotherapy is a way to recreate the environment found in a salt mine. It is an alternative treatment that involves breathing tiny salt particles in order to ultimately ease respiratory and integumentary health conditions, due to its natural anti inflammatory properties.

Halotherapy Dry Method

A halogenerator (or special blender) grinds microscopic salt particles into the air so once they are inhaled, the particles absorb irritants and toxins from your respiratory system. During your forty-five-minute session, the halotherapy process helps break up mucus and reduces any inflammation in your sinuses, eustation tubes and chest, resulting in clear airways and more efficient breathing.

The salt particles also have a similar effect on your skin by absorbing bacteria, oils and other impurities responsible for many skin conditions. At Heavenly Salt Therapy, if you have any type of dermatitis, we advise you to expose that area of your skin to get the maximum benefit possible during your session.

Halotherapy Benefits

As we’ve mentioned before, halotherapy has various health benefits to ease certain conditions of your respiratory and integumentary system:

· Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Allergies

· Smoking-Related Symptoms

o Cough, shortness of breath, wheezing

· Depression and Anxiety

· Skin Conditions

o Psoriasis, eczema, acne

Salt is also known to produce negative ions, which theoretically cause the human body to release more happy chemicals and serotonin. This may be why Himalayan salt lamps have progressed in popularity and home décor over the past decade or so.

Halotherapy Risks

Scientists are still studying the impacts of halotherapy, but there are no known dangerous risks with halotherapy.

While it is said to help treat asthma, halotherapy may also irritate the airways of certain individuals who have severe asthma. Coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath could result. Increased coughing and nasal discharge are common side effects as the mucous thins and the body needs to eliminate it. There may also be some minor skin irritation for some with prolonged exposure.

Halotherapy Takeaway

Halotherapy is a relaxing regimen that can help treat various respiratory and integumentary system conditions. If you’re interested in a holistic method to treat any respiratory or skin conditions that you may have, contact Heavenly Salt Therapy for a peaceful experience in our Salt Room today.

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